Announcement! I will be Streaming my Playthrough of KOTET!

Hey, everyone!

I’m excited (and terrified) to announce that I will be streaming my playthrough of Knights of the Eternal Throne!

When: Starting 1 hour – 45mins before Patching for 5.0 ends. (Tuesday 7am PST, 9am CST, 3pm GMT, Wednesday 2am AEDT, 4am NZ)
Class: Sith Warrior, Carnage Marauder.

Lore focused. Full cinematics. Live reactions. Hype. Connecting the dots. The Big Picture.

The ‘pre-stream’ will likely consist of lore Q&A, story speculation and Patch Notes discussion.

If you want to watch a playthrough of KOTET with someone with a decent grasp of SWTOR lore, look no further!

If you haven’t already, read my Essential Lore Series Blog Posts in preparation for KOTET!

Also be on the lookout on the 28th for my “Knights of the Fallen Empire Summary” story recap of KOTET in ‘dot point’ format.

Hope you can join me for all the fun and shenanigans as I play through and discuss the KOTET story!


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  • Shaun Salisbury

    Be sure to have some trusted mods on your stream because you will likely have BW fan boys causing issues.