An Open Letter to my Guild Corvus About SWTOR

I’ve been wanting to write this for a while since I came back to SWTOR because I miss my Guild, to clear my head and to come to terms with how I feel about the state of SWTOR.

Dear <Corvus>,

It’s been several months now since the Guild quit Star Wars The Old Republic. After playing together for over four years, SWTOR was no longer the MMO that brought us together through our mutual love of Star Wars and video games.

It hit me really hard seeing the Guild quit SWTOR. I was so, so angry at Bioware, at the Devs for no longer supporting the content that keeps communities like our’s together.

I know a lot of you were also angry (and still are) at Bioware from shifting focus from the MMO Bits we all loved to the Single Player Story that we couldn’t even experience together. For neglecting the essence of the very game they created.

Finding <Corvus> changed my life for the better. I met my significant other, Andy, and became friends with quite a few of you. You guys gave a very shy girl with depression and social anxiety a safe and welcoming environment to interact with people and to find people that she could trust outside of her family.

I do miss you guys terribly in SWTOR. We’ve all branched off into other games and aren’t really together that much anymore. But we still catch up on Facebook and the Guild Website at least.

We all know the writing has been on the wall for a long time. Throughout our SWTOR journey, the Devs took quite a lot away from us before we finally had enough.

First, they took our beloved APAC Server Dalborra from us. (If only we could have had one APAC Server with PvE and PvP instances like we have now).

Then they took away 8v8 Ranked PvP from us.

Then they took away being able to easily play and progress through story content in groups. First with Shadow of Revan then with Knights of the Fallen Empire.

Then finally the nail in the coffin. No new Operations on the horizon for us to look forward to.

I still remember those days on Dalborra when we’d get 16 Guildies together and queue for in-house Ranked PvP. It was honestly the most fun I ever had playing SWTOR. I was such a noob in those days playing Commando Heals but I loved it all the same. I can remember all of our many triumphs in Operations and the frustrations we had. All the fun we had just chilling together in TeamSpeak. We’ve had our fair share of drama and turmoil but we always pulled through and stuck together.

I came back to SWTOR in 5.0 because Andy missed me playing SWTOR, out of curiosity for the story and to PvP again. It turned out the KOTET story was pretty decent, and PvP is somewhat fun for me again (mainly cause 208’s bolster well and Merc Heals have proper DCD’s now). I was surprised by how much I was able to find enjoyment out of the game again for a couple of weeks. The game tried to hoodwink me into making me forget it was an MMO. That there was all this stuff they did to drive us away. I came back because I keep getting this false sense of hope that the Devs will maybe change their minds and see things clearly and return the game back to the way it was. I had this false sense of hope that maybe they aren’t as out of touch with reality as they seem.

Now all I have is the Gearing Changes and the impending Group Content Announcement to cling to. I have no motivation to get back into Operations Progression (even though I’ve been asked to). SWTOR for me is still missing that essence of community that I grew so used to having for all those years. I have been hanging out with another Guild called <Backpack> lately. They seem like an okay bunch of people and they have some good players but it’s just not the same.

Will SWTOR ever be the game it once was for us again? I don’t think so. Will SWTOR give us the content to bring us all back together again? I don’t know. They claim that they are announcing new group content at the end of January but I am deeply concerned that they do not understand what content those of us from Guild Communities want.

I know some of you are still very angry at Bioware over what they did to the game and I completely understand. I’ve gotten past my angry phase. I’m just sad and disappointed more than anything with the state of the game at this point.

Is it worth coming back to SWTOR? Despite PvP being enjoyable and the story being okay, I would still say no. Don’t come back. Don’t put yourselves through the anger and disappointment again.


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