An Apology and Update

Hey everyone,

It’s been too long since I’ve written any blog posts… I’m really sorry I’ve been so quiet lately.

I assure you all it’s been for a good reason! You will hear the main reason why I’ve been putting less time into my blog very soon! I have also actually been playing SWTOR a bit more regularly then I normally do (having guildies enthusiastic to PvP again helps).

But, in the mean time, here’s a couple of things I have planned to do or am working on (when I get a chance) that you can look forward to seeing someday:

  • Updating my Mercenary/Commando PvP Healing Guide for Game Update 3.3.
  • Making brand new separate Mercenary and Commando PvP Healing Video Guides
  • A couple of posts about the state of SWTOR and other recent happenings in the community.
  • A review of Game Update 3.3 (yeah I know.. Better late then never!)

So I’m still enjoying SWTOR, for now. Mainly because I have my boyfriend and guildies to hang out with ingame. But I still have my concerns and things I’m not happy about. If you’ve been following me on twitter or reading my blog for a while, you already know what they are.

So again, I’m really sorry I haven’t been writing much lately. But I’m really looking forward to sharing with you all what I’ve been working on!

What have you all been up to lately? Have you been enjoying Game Update 3.3?


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