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About Xam Xam Says

Xam Xam Says is a Gaming Blog / Fansite featuring content about Star Wars The Old Republic,  Elder Scrolls Online and occasionally WildStar. The site features a mix of news, reviews, opinions, suggestions and some guides written in a thoughtful and deliberate manner with a hint of humour.

Xam Xam Says was started in December 2014.

About the Author

IMG_3949My name is Rachel. A twenty-something-year-old Aussie who moved to Austin, Texas to be with the love of her life she met in SWTOR. I love Geeking Out, Gaming and Chocolate in no particular order.

In SWTOR, I Co-GMed a social/casual cross-faction Asia Pacific Guild on the Harbinger server for nearly 4 years which is now inactive.

SWTOR Community

I was formerly (roughly mid-2015 to mid-2016) a team member of TORCommunity a SWTOR Fansite with databases, guides, galleries, tools and more to help you with SWTOR.

I have made appearances on various notable SWTOR Podcasts over the years. A full list of appearances can be found here.

I am very active on Twitter as part of the SWTOR Family Community on there. I tweet a lot using the #SWTOR and #swtorfamily hashtags.

I recently (November 2017) became a Bioware Influencer! You can learn more about the Influencer Program from Swtorista’s Video.

Primary Contact Info

If you have any inquiries or questions about Xam Xam Says you can:

  • Email me at xamxamsays@gmail.com
  • Send me a Direct Message on Twitter to @Rach_Games.

Social Media


I am not in anyway affiliated with Bioware, EA, Lucasfilm or Disney or any other Company or Studio that creates or manages Video Games. All content is my own unless otherwise stated. I do credit those who contribute content to my website.


Comments or questions are welcome.

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