A New Hope? SWTOR’s New Game Producer

This past week it was announced that Star Wars The Old Republic has a new Game Producer who is none other than Keith ‘Eric’s Boss’ Kanneg. In the Producer’s Note he wrote, he apologised for the lack of a Producer’s Letter so far this year and revealed that a Road Map for SWTOR would be published in the coming weeks (later confirmed by Orlando Cantina goers to be in 2-3 weeks).

He also told us a bit about himself. He has worked at Bioware Austin for over 6 years now. The main (and previous) position he held was ‘Director of Live Services’ (customer relations) but he has had various positions over the years. He has over 28 characters, ~10,00 hours of gameplay and has ‘tons of achievements’. He likes doing a variety of activities in the game but his favourite thing is PvP!

He went on to promise us that a lot of content for all playstyles was being planned for this year:

As the Game Producer for SWTOR, I help guide and influence the development team to continually improve the gameplay experience for everyone. Regardless of your play style, there’s a lot we have planned for all of us this year. We’ll have fun activities for you whether you’re a player who loves Star Wars™ stories, or the veteran who is looking for new challenges and more options to play with friends, or if you simply want to play on your own. Look for the SWTOR Roadmap in the coming weeks where we’ll offer insight about what’s happening this year and what you can expect in the coming months.

His overall emphasis in his note was that he too is a player of the game and he has likely had or has the same issues we have with the game.

I’ve personally heard nothing but good things about Keith from various people who have met him in the past. So believe me when I say that he is legit. He is a player. He really does have multiple characters on multiple servers and a lot of achievements. From what I’ve heard from reputable people who have spoken to him he is incredibly knowledgeable about the game.

We learnt more about Keith from those that went to the Community Cantina in Orlando. Teo on the live recording of OotiniCast Episode 306 said that Keith ‘really wants to change the direction of the game’ and added that we should expect more multiplayer content in the future (they aren’t likely to revert back to the story focused content). Teo and Chill also revealed that Keith plays an Operative Healer and wasn’t too happy when they got nerfed a while back and at the time went and complained to the Developers who made that decision. Fyonha (and Dekion), who are both in the Ootini Guilds on the Harbinger server, also got to speak to Keith. He taught Fy how to Operative heal in PvP because she said she hated PvP on her Sage healer and Keith told her that ‘no you’re not allowed to hate PvP’. It certainly sounds like all the people who spoke to Keith had positive experiences!

It certainly fills me with some hope for the future of SWTOR. Having a Game Producer who we know for sure actively plays and knows the game really is a positive and exciting thing! Hopefully, this means better communication with the players and perhaps hails more quality group focused content coming out in the future.

I am very much looking forward to hearing more from him in the future and hopefully seeing him on a Developer Livestream soon!

What do you think of the news? Are you looking forward to seeing what Keith does with SWTOR?


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  • Joseph Brown

    I am happy hearing from some that he plays a healer means he knows the down fall of the past! So Hope is what I have and wish Him good luck. Seeing how from shadow of Revan until now how one part of the pie gets love leaving others out in the cold and. And how those that left hate the game come back to there streams just to Ripe the game. I just hope he can make swtor great or better!

    • Indeed! *Fingers crossed*.