8 Things We Learned from the Bad Feeling Podcast Interview

As this is an article about Bad Feeling Podcast, I’ve decided to waive my usual ‘no swearing in my writing rule’ just this once.

On Friday the 22nd of September, Chuck and Brian from Bad Feeling Podcast sat down with Eric Musco, Community Manager and Charles Boyd, Creative Director to talk about the game that soaks up every second of our waking lives, Star Wars The Old Republic.

It was a very good interview with some good discussion and we actually learned a few things. So what did they say? Read on below for some of the highlights and be sure to watch the full interview on Twitch (it starts around 20 minutes in) for more tidbits!

The next ‘chapter’ of the Story will deal with Theron straight away

That’s right, we’re not going to have to wait long to see or deal with Theron according to Charles. So yikes! I’m both happy and a little nervous at the same time. Once Theron is dealt with, the story will go back to more of a Republic versus Empire focus.

An Arcann Romance is Highly Likely

Don’t quote me on that. But, Charles did say that there is a very good chance we’d see it. So fingers crossed ladies and gents!

The Story will be delivered via Flashpoints for the foreseeable future

It’s easy for them to do and enables them to give us a solo mode, group mode and a means of repeating it. So it’s a win for everyone!

The Roadmap will be Glorious!

No seriously, both Charles and Eric were really hyping up the Road Map (like really hyping it). The wouldn’t give a specific date for its release but again reiterated what Keith said recently that it will be out before the New York Cantina on October 6th. But they did say there is a lot of meat and bullet points. So make of that what you will.

They admitted that they fucked up Ranked PvP

Yes, Eric admitted that they had been not only inconsistent with the duration of the seasons but also with the quality of the rewards. The reality is they can’t make a season short and have good rewards. Nice rewards take time to make. But their aim going forward is to make the rewards and then the season durations more consistent.

Nightmare Mode ‘Gods of the Machine’ Operation is Coming

Yes, after all the bosses have been released in Veteran Mode (there’s still three more to come out), they will be bringing out all five bosses in Nightmare (Master) Mode all at the same time. Although I kind of feel like we already knew this, it is nice to get confirmation. We will be finding out exactly when the remaining bosses will be coming out in the Road Map.

Adding Replayability of Vanilla Content would be Very Difficult

Yes, they’d love to make the original Class Stories replayable but, it’s complicated. Very complicated. It would take them a lot of time and effort to weed through all the code and ensure that there are no serious repercussions. They also added that we wouldn’t be able to rewatch our original playthroughs as not all of the choices we make are saved. Only the important ones.

Making it so we can decorate our Class Ships would also be Difficult

A lot of underlying code that makes the class stories and companion conversations work would make it difficult to add decoration hooks. However, they are open to the idea of giving us a Starship Stronghold. They certainly seem very reluctant to touch vanilla coding, eh? Especially when it could fuck up later content.

Bonus: Traditional Jedi Robes are no longer on the backlog

Good news for the guy that keeps asking for them. They are one step closer to becoming a reality!

Did you watch the Interview? What did you think of Charles and Musco’s responses? Were there any moments that stood out?


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  • I believe Charles said that they might be able to let you decorate the post-KotFE ships since they aren’t used for anything story-related.

    I’d still like to see the Ebon Hawk from Kotor in the game. Let us get and decorate that. 🙂

    • Oh yeah, he did say that. That would certainly give us a use for our ships since Class Story is long dead and we don’t need them to travel anymore.