6 Reasons why I love Texas (and the USA)

A new blog series ‘Aussie Living in Austin‘ where I give my perspective on living in the US as an Aussie. You can expect a new post every Wednesday or Thursday!

Sorry, I’m a little late this week but it’s better late than never, right? Now that I’ve written a post about the Things I miss about Australia, I figured I should write about the things I love about Texas and the US!

Texas Barbeque

Since moving to Austin, I have been introduced to some glorious new foods including Texas Barbeque. It is truly amazing! It’s different from traditional Aussie Barbeque food or what we’d consider BBQ (basically Aussies throw anything on a barbeque and grill it).

They love to smoke their meats here in Texas. Beef is the main BBQ meat but Turkey and Sausage are also staples. Prior to coming to Texas, I never really liked Brisket because it was always so dry and dry beef is truly awful to eat and tastes terrible. But my goodness! The Brisket here in Texas so moist and delicious! I love it!

Typical sides include Beans, Potato Salad, Green Beans, Buttered Potatoes, Mac and Cheese. Rudy’s is the best BBQ I’ve had so far.

Netflix and Amazon Prime

While yes, we have Netflix in Australia, it doesn’t have anywhere near as much of a selection as the US Netflix. There are quite a lot of shows I’ve been able to watch for the first time thanks to Netflix that weren’t really shown in Australia. Amazon Prime is also great. My boyfriend and I mainly use it to get current TV shows because we never watch TV so we just buy our favourite shows on Amazon Prime.

Mexican /  Tex-Mex Food

Naturally, there is a hell of a lot of Mexican and Tex-Mex food here! In Australia, there isn’t really much Mexican food at all, unfortunately (only Guzman and Gomez which is really nice or random local Mexican themed restaurants). But here in Texas, hot damn! There is so much of it!

My favourite Tex-Mex restaurant by far here is Chuy’s. I’ve tried a variety of the food on their menu and it has all been so delicious. I haven’t had the opportunity yet to have proper Mexican food but I’m sure it’ll be delicious (I love spicy food with flavour).

Breakfast Tacos are also something new I’ve been introduced to since moving here! They are so damn delicious and tasty. Rudy’s sells the best ones I’ve had so far.

Easier Access to Geeky Merchandise

It was incredibly frustrating living in Australia and not being able to get a lot of the geeky merchandise because of shipping restrictions or because it was only available in the US due to legal/licensing crap. There is so much merchandise that I’ve missed out on over the years because of this and it is so frustrating. Things have gradually been getting better but unfortunately, it’s still a common occurrence.

Now that I live in the US, I have access to all the geeky merchandise I want. I just don’t have the money to spend on it anymore.

The Climate

The climate here in Austin is very similar to back home in Australia. The only difference is it gets a little hotter in summer and a little colder in winter. I love the heat and hot weather so Texas heat hasn’t really bothered me that much at all. The cold, on the other hand, I can’t stand it.

Fast Food

There is so much more fast food choices here in the US than in Australia. The only fast food chains we have in Australia are McDonald’s, KFC, Hungry Jacks (Burger King), Subway and an Australian chain Oporto.  Generally, the quality of the ingredients in fast food is better in Australia but that’s not to say that some US fast food stores don’t. Some of them actually use decent quality ingredients.

Here are some of my favourite Texas/US Fast Food joints:

  • Whataburger (a Texas essential)
  • Chick Fil A (Best fast food chicken burgers/sandwiches ever)
  • Panda Express (OMG so fresh and tasty)
  • Chipotle (don’t go as often as I’d like sadly)
  • Golden Chick (amazing fried chicken)

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