Umbara in The Old Republic – Impressions with Comparisons to the Clone Wars

SPOILER WARNING: Minor ‘Crisis on Umbara’ and The Clone Wars ‘Darkness on Umbara’ Episode Arc spoilers. Most of you who have been following me on Twitter or have read some of my articles recently will know that I have been incredibly excited to see a Clone Wars planet in Star […]

Everything you need to know about Game Update 5.4 Crisis on Umbara

Star Wars The Old Republic’s Game Update 5.4 features new story set in an unprecedented location, along with a new Stronghold and some Class Changes. Maintenance for Game Update 5.4 has been delayed until Thursday the 24th of August and will be happening at: 5 am – 9 am PDT 7 […]

A Tour of my Manaan Stronghold

At last! I finally got my Manaan Stronghold to 100%! It was quite an exhausting task given the limiting hook placements (as I discussed in my review of the Stronghold) but I persisted nonetheless. The Stronghold has a Resort theme (yes, original I know) but it was easy to work with. […]

SWTOR Server Plans Discussion

Keith Kanneg posted quite a lucrative post recently about Star Wars The Old Republic’s Server Plans. While he has hinted in the past (the Bad Feeling Podcast Interview in particular) that they have been actively considering their options in regards to Server populations, this post implies that they may actually […]

Season 8 Ranked Rewards

The Season 8 Rewards for Ranked Arenas have finally been announced! So without further ado, let’s have a look at them! Tiers and Rewards Battle Flags and Character Portrait Flairs by Tier (click on an image to enlarge) Items you’ll be able to purchase from the vendor with your Season 8 […]

SWTOR Weekly: Developer Watch – Friday Explosion

A (not-so) weekly series where I keep track of everything new SWTOR Game Producer, Keith Kanneg and other SWTOR Developers say. You can read my previous Developer Watch Post here. See all Developer Watch Posts here. To learn more about Keith, see my A New Hope – SWTOR’s New Game Producer Post. All was quiet on […]