Should SWTOR Bring Back 8 v 8 Ranked?

Recently I wrote in My Ultimate PvP Wishlist how I wanted to see 8 v 8 Ranked PvP return to Star Wars The Old Republic. I have since thought of some additional things I wish to say. Specifically, I wanted to elaborate further on how they could make it a […]

SWTOR Weekly: Developer Watch – Never Forgotten

A (no-longer) weekly series where I keep track of everything new SWTOR Game Producer, Keith Kanneg and other SWTOR Developers say. You can read my previous Developer Watch Post here. See all Developer Watch Posts here. To learn more about Keith, see my A New Hope – SWTOR’s New Game Producer Post. Ah! You thought I’d […]

Untapped Potential – My Manaan Stronghold Review

Manaan is the setting of Star Wars The Old Republic’s latest Stronghold that just came out with Game Update 5.3 (July 11th). It is quite small (compared to Yavin) with a total of four expansions. The setting of the Stronghold is tranquil and the architecture is lovely. But, this is […]

First Glimpse of the New Stronghold!

Today the SWTOR Game Update Page was updated with information about Game Update 5.3 including officially finally confirming what we all have long suspected. That the new Stronghold coming out is indeed on Manaan! This image was included on the Game Update page (click on the image to enlarge). We […]

Ideas for Stronghold Decorations

With a new Stronghold (where it is located has not officially been announced) coming out very soon (Game Update 5.3, tentatively July 11th), I thought it’d be a great time to talk about decorations, we don’t already have, that I’d like to be able to place in my Strongholds! I figured […]