SWTOR Weekly – Keith Watch: Want to buy some Road Maps?

A new weekly series where I keep track of everything new SWTOR Game Producer, Keith Kanneg says. You can read my first Keith Watch post here. To learn more about Keith, see my A New Hope – SWTOR’s New Game Producer post. We didn’t hear from Keith as much this week as we did […]

Game Update 5.2 Giveaway Winners!

Hey, everyone! I have now drawn out the winners of my giveaway! They are listed below. 30-day Sub Time Code @celyntheraven @chambers1111 Tawn Fawn Pet Code @OzzmanThe1st @Tanner5iron @donbuley I will be messaging the winners shortly. Thank you again to everyone who entered! I shall definitely be doing more giveaways in […]

Our First Look at Esne – One of Twin Operation Bosses

Today, SWTOR Tweeted our very first look at one of the twin Raid Bosses coming soon in the Gods of the Machine Operation, Esne. A first look at your upcoming battle against twin Operation bosses! Meet Esne, a cunning battlefield warrior fueled by envy and hatred. pic.twitter.com/BMCD9Rnul2 — The Old Republic […]

NIM (Master) Operation Gear Drops Need to be Fixed ASAP

This past Sunday, our Raid Leader decided that our one and a half old Raid Team, ‘Team Memes‘ (I LOVE you all), would delve into our first NIM Raid. We have cleared pretty much all of the HM (Veteran) Raid Content except for Revan (we’re up to the core now!) […]

Comprehensive Iokath Story Discussion

This post contains a brief non-spoiler section then delves full-on into spoilers for the Iokath story. The Iokath story is a continuation of the story post-Knights of the Eternal Throne. I’ve done the story (so far) on my Sith Warrior and Jedi Knight who sided with their respective class factions. […]

Keith Watch – What has our new Game Producer been up to?

A new weekly series I’m starting keeping an eye on what SWTOR’s new Game Producer is up to! Keith Kanneg, Star Wars The Old Republic’s new Game Producer surprised a lot of the player base by actually talking directly to the players on the SWTOR forums. For as long as I’ve been […]

SWTOR Game Update 5.2 Giveaway!

THE GIVEAWAY HAS NOW CONCLUDED AS OF TUESDAY MIDNIGHT CDT! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO ENTERED. ANY ENTRIES THAT WERE POSTED AFTER THE ALLOTTED TIME WILL NOT BE COUNTED! To celebrate the launch of Star Wars The Old Republic’s newest update, Game Update 5.2 The War of Iokath, and finally getting […]

A New Hope? SWTOR’s New Game Producer

This past week it was announced that Star Wars The Old Republic has a new Game Producer who is none other than Keith ‘Eric’s Boss’ Kanneg. In the Producer’s Note he wrote, he apologised for the lack of a Producer’s Letter so far this year and revealed that a Road […]

SWTOR Community Cantina Orlando News Roundup

Hey everyone, This past Friday, there was a SWTOR Community Cantina held in Orlando, Florida just outside of Star Wars Celebration. Eric Musco, Charles Boyd (in cosplay as per usual) and Keith Kanneg (the new Game Producer!) were all in attendance. Notable community members were also present including Chill and Teo […]

My Favourite SWTOR Companions – Imperial Edition

One of the unique things about Star Wars The Old Republic is the Companion system. Everyone regardless of the type of content they prefer has Companions they love and Companions they love to hate. So I decided to have a bit of fun and discuss who my favourite and least […]