A Summary of the Knights of the Fallen Empire Story

With the release of the Knights of the Eternal Throne fast approaching, I figured it was worth recapping the Knights of the Fallen Empire story in ‘dot point’ form with a touch of humour. Knights of the Fallen Empire Summary Chapter 1 – The Hunt Darth Marr summons you to his ship, he’s searching […]

Announcement! I will be Streaming my Playthrough of KOTET!

Hey, everyone! I’m excited (and terrified) to announce that I will be streaming my playthrough of Knights of the Eternal Throne! Where: https://www.twitch.tv/xam_xam When: Starting 1 hour – 45mins before Patching for 5.0 ends. (Tuesday 7am PST, 9am CST, 3pm GMT, Wednesday 2am AEDT, 4am NZ) Class: Sith Warrior, Carnage Marauder. […]

SWTOR Weekly Fan Art Appreciation Post – Family Bonding

Recently, I decided to get back into Tumblr to see what SWTOR shenanigans I could find. Needless to say I was not disappointed. There is so much SWTOR stuff on Tumblr! There’s the usual GIFs and screenshot sharing but my favourite thing by far is the fan art! There is so […]

Could we please, maybe, get mail from our Companions?

I know Charles Boyd told us on the KOTET Story Dev Stream that none of the companions, that are still missing, would be coming back in Knights of the Eternal Throne. Honestly, I understand their reasoning behind it especially since having all those companion recruitment chapters really dragged the Knights of […]

KOTET Rule the Galaxy Teaser Trailer Breakdown **SPOILERS**

There is a new Cutscene Teaser out for Star Wars The Old Republic’s for the upcoming story expansion Knights of the Eternal Throne! Here is the 32 second Teaser: Note: there are heavy spoilers in the images and the Trailer. Teaser Breakdown There is voice over from Valkorion speaking to […]

SWTOR Weekly – Story Story Story

Hey everyone! This week in Star Wars The Old Republic news (14-18), we had a ‘sit by the fire’ Story Dev Live Stream with Charles Boyd and Eric Musco and a KOTET Story Teaser Trailer. So there wasn’t all that much news this week. But let’s talk about what news there […]

Essential Lore for KOTET Part 2 – Valkorion

Hey everyone, This post is part two of my Essential Lore series where I revisit of a couple of lore posts I wrote over a year ago. Part One dealt with more with Vitiate and is essential to read prior to this post. In this Part of the Essential Lore series, I […]

Essential Lore for KOTET Part 1 – Vitiate

Hey everyone, This post is essentially a revisit of a two lore posts I wrote over a year ago: Vitiate, Valkorion and the Zakuul Empire Part 2 and Vitiate, Valkorion and the Zakuul Empire Part 1. Both of these posts contained quite a bit of speculation, some of which has been […]

Discussion on ways SWTOR could Compromise on Galactic Command Gearing with Comparisons to WildStar

Hey everyone, I have previously written about ways the Star Wars The Old Republic Developers could compromise on the Galactic Command Gearing System. I still prefer my ultimate solution of course. But it is clear that the SWTOR Developers will unlikely make any changes to the system at this stage. […]

**SPOILERS** KOTET Story Sneak Peek Speculation and Thoughts

Hey everyone, At the end of the Story Revisited Dev Stream (where Charles and Eric talked about the new difficulty tiers for playing through story content), they showed a snippet from an upcoming Chapter of Knights of the Eternal Throne (the teaser starts at 44:34). If you do not wish to […]