Knights of the Eternal Throne Story Predictions

Hey everyone, Here are a couple of my story predictions for Star Wars The Old Republic’s next expansion Knights of the Eternal Throne as well as what we know about it for sure. Note there are **SPOILERS** for Knights of the Eternal Empire. Chapter 16 Ending Foreshadowing Below is a screenshot from the […]

SWTOR Lead Composer Comments on Datamined KOTET Music

Jedipedia recently published datamined Knights of the Eternal Throne Music which they shared on the SWTOR SubReddit. Jesse Harling, the Lead Composer for SWTOR left a comment which gives us some insight into how they develop music for SWTOR. Comment from discussion 1 hour of KotET music (no spoilers). Essentially, the […]

Comparing PvP in SWTOR and Wildstar

Hey everyone, I’m hoping this article will be the first in a series of articles where I compare various aspects of Star Wars The Old Republic and Wildstar. Some of you would know by now that I have gone back to playing Wildstar for the last couple of months and […]

Thoughts on Chapter 16 and the KOTFE Expansion

Hey everyone, Here is a collection of my thoughts about the final Chapter of Knights of the Fallen Empire, The Battle of Odessen and the overall KOTFE Story and Expansion. I’ve played through the whole story on a Sith Warrior who is more Dark Sided (but not always) and a Jedi Knight […]

Coming Soon: Season 7 Ranked Arena Info

Well I’ll be damned.. The Devs have finally decided to actually do something with Ranked PvP! Musco recently went to the forums and announced that they would be announcing (haha) Season 7 Ranked details during the next Producer Livestream on Thursday 11th of August. Season 7 started with Game Update 4.3 […]