SWTOR’s Dark vs. Light Event – The Content Rehash Extravaganza!

Details about Star Wars The Old Republic’s new, upcoming Dark vs. Light Event were announced today. Essentially a rehash of old content where you can earn fluff rewards and yet another companion, it’s a major slap in the face for long time players. The majority of the player community has so far reacted […]

SWTOR’s Brief Mention & New Footage at EA Play Press Conference

Bioware’s story MMORPG, Star Wars The Old Republic got a brief mention in a Star Wars Games Video Trailer/Featurette shown at the EA Play Press Conference. James Ohlen, the Director of Design for SWTOR, said this in the featurette: Star Wars is what got me into roleplaying games in the […]

New Togruta Customisation Options in Game Update 4.5

Hey everyone, SWTOR added a few new customisation options for Togruta characters in Game Update 4.5. Mostly just Jewelry but also a new Face Paint option. It costs 20cc to change Face Pattern and 40cc to change Jewelry (for subscribers) using an Appearance Modification Terminal. Face Pattern Female Male Jewelry […]

SWTOR’s Character Customisation System Needs an Upgrade

I find it funny that a game that is now solo/story focused hasn’t upgraded/added to their character creation/customisation system.. #SWTOR — [Xam Xam] Rachel (@Rach_Games) May 27, 2016 After seeing discussion about the horrid state of hoods and how they make your character look bald and don’t show hair, it got […]