SWTOR PTS is Live with New Warzone and Arena

Hey everyone, The PTS is now live and can be patched with Game Update 4.3. Notably, the new Warzone called ‘Alliance Proving Ground’ and the new Rishi Arena are available for testing. The Patch Notes are also available, which you can see below or read them here. Notable highlights include the PvE […]

Player Harassment in SWTOR – Inaction and Consequences

Player harassment in the online gaming verse’ has been a problem for both developers and players since the inception of the medium. From the days of Ultima Online to the present day MMO’s (and all other types of online games) bullies and unpleasant souls hidden by the cyber shroud of anonymity […]

Review: Chapter 10 – Anarchy in Paradise

Hey everyone, What follows is a summary and my own thoughts about Chapter 10 – Anarchy in Paradise, the latest chapter in Star Wars The Old Republic’s story driven Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion, which became available for subscribers on the 9th of February. There is a spoiler free section followed by a spoiler section which […]