January BioWare Star Wars Story Livestream – Recap and Thoughts

Hey everyone, SWTOR have now done they’re first Story Livestream for the year. The stream featured Charles Boyd and Alexander Freed talking primarily about the next chapter of Knights of the Fallen Empire, Anarchy in Paradise. If you missed the Story Livestream, you can watch it here on YouTube. Alexander Freed […]

New Warzone Coming Soon in SWTOR

Hey everyone, On SWTOR’s recent January Producer Livestream, Eric Musco and Ben Irving revealed the first official details about the upcoming Warzone Map. So what did they reveal? It’s located on Odessen (one of the new KOTFE planets where the Alliance is based) The Game Mode is a take on ‘King […]

Bioware Re-announces Upcoming Fluff and Solo Content for their ‘MMO’

Pictured above: The anarchist Kaliyo aka Firebrand, not to be confused with the operations boss in Explosive Conflict. In an unprecedented* move, Bioware has re-announced an announcement! Players of Star Wars The Old Republic have known since the December Producer Livestream when to expect the next chapter of their solo, personal adventure in […]

SWTOR – A Look Back at 2015 and My 2016 Wishlist

Hey everyone, A year ago, I wrote a wishlist of what I hoped we’d get in SWTOR in 2015. Recently, I had a look over my list to see if any of my wishes came true and well.. I didn’t get a single thing I wanted in SWTOR in 2015. Here’s a […]