SWTOR Pax Prime Make-up Livestream – Thoughts and Suggestions

Better late then never right? Hey everyone, Here’s my review and thoughts on the Livestream they did on the 26th August. The purpose of the stream was to do something to make up for the cancellation of the Community Cantina they were going to have at Pax Prime. So they did […]

The Stale is Strong with SWTOR

Hey everyone, I’m once again in that situation where I’m getting increasingly bored with SWTOR. It’s honestly been a struggle for me to write blog posts lately and I feel really bad for still not completing my followup Ootini SpoilerCast lore post. But I recently managed to articulate and channel my […]

SWTOR KOTFE “Become the Outlander” Gameplay Trailer Analysis

Hey everyone, I know this is super late, but, I have finally finished it. For your reading pleasure, here is my analysis of the “Become the Outlander” Gameplay Trailer that was shown at the EA Gamescon Press Conference. Note my breakdown is based purely off of the trailer and from watching Lady Insanity’s […]