The SWTOR SDCC Community Cantina Scandal! #MalgusGate

Hey everyone, It’s time to set the record straight. To find the truth. Like many others, I was eagerly hanging on for every tweet from the SWTOR Story Panel. Then Will Griggs from The Usual Podcast tweeted this gem! Holy crap! @SWTOR @TheBlurStudio behind the scenes #TheUsualPodcast #SDCC2015 #DarthMalgus #Carbonite #swtorfamily — Will […]

Questions for the SWTOR Community Cantina at SDCC

Hey everyone, One of the main disadvantages about living in Australia, for a geek/gamer such as myself, is that I miss out on so many events, early releases and conventions like SDCC and SWTOR Community Cantina’s. I’m immensely jealous and disappointed that I will not be able to attend the special […]

SWTOR: Bioware Going Back to it’s Roots – A Disturbing Prospect

Hey everyone, There have been a couple for new developments this week with SWTOR. Firstly, EA published a ‘preview‘ of Knights of the Fallen Empire by Jesse Sky, the Creative Director for SWTOR. Basically Jesse blabs on and on about how Bioware are going back to their story-telling, RPG roots. Because […]