Knights of the Fallen Empire – Vitiate, Valkorion and The Zakuul Empire

** SPOILERS** RISE OF THE EMPEROR (ZIOST), SHADOW OF REVAN STORY LINES, JEDI KNIGHT STORY & REVAN NOVEL DISCLAIMER Obviously this post will contain some wild theories and ideas about the upcoming expansion due to limited information  and facts. Hey everyone, We’ve finally seen the EA E3 Press Conference and we’ve seen the new trailer. We […]

Knights of the Fallen Empire Expansion – All the News Sources in One Spot

Hey everyone, Today has been a pretty hectic day for SWTOR news. It began with the E3 EA Press Conference where we finally got to see the trailer where all the teaser images we’ve been seeing came from. Then news about the new expansion was revealed via other sources as well. […]

PTS PvP Testing with the Devs and SWTOR’s Increased Communication

Hey everyone, Musco announced a series of play testing sessions for everyone to come onto the PTS and test the new Warzone changes upcoming in Game Update 3.3! The session times are: Thursday June 11 2pm-5pm PDT / Thursday 10pm – Friday June 12 1am BST / Friday June 12 […]

Upcoming Game Update 3.3 PvP Gear Cost Changes & Comparisons

Hey everyone, Here are the PvP gear cost changes upcoming in Game Update 3.3 on the PTS compared to current PvP gear pricing. Keep in mind that these prices are subject to change. Note: Ranked Warzone (RWZ) Commendations are being removed entirely in Game Update 3.3. Exhumed Gear Cost Comparisons  […]

SWTOR Developer Stream: Yavin IV Stronghold & Togruta Review

Hey everyone, The Devs finally did another stream where they showed off some new upcoming content. So what did Musco and Toby talk about? How well did they communicate with the players? What was Announced on the Stream? Togruta They are still working on the Togruta species so no colour variations […]