Initial Reaction to Upcoming PvP Changes Announced on Bad Feeling Podcast

Hey everyone, Bad Feeling Podcast have finally released their PvP interview with Alex Modney and Eric Musco. In the interview they announced some upcoming changes to PvP which I’ve summarised below. Most of the changes should be coming in Game Update 3.3 (release date TBA). I would recommend listening to the podcast […]

Review & Analysis of SWTOR Game Update 3.2 Rise of the Emperor Storyline **Spoilers**

Hey everyone, I have already touched on my thoughts of the Ziost story arch in my PTS Impressions Blog Post I did back in April. So in this review, I’m going to be focusing more on what wasn’t on the PTS ie. the conclusion of the story and comparing to […]

I’m Disappointed in the SWTOR Community, but…

Hey everyone, One of the SWTOR developers was personally harassed recently over his attempt at further communicating with the sentinel/marauder community. I find this behaviour on the part of the players, disgusting. Am I surprised this happened? No. I’ve been following a particular hate movement in the gaming community/industry since […]