SWTOR Developer Livestream Review

Hey everyone, The Developer’s finally did a Twitch Stream, on Friday 20th March, to make up for cancelling the Boston Community Cantina Tour. Hosting the stream was Bruce Maclean, Michael Backus and Eric Musco. You can watch the archived version of the stream at: http://www.twitch.tv/swtor/b/639305194 Be warned, if you watch the archived […]

The Super Late SWTOR Weekly: More Promises?

Hey everyone, Sorry this is super late, some real life stuff has happened which I’ll briefly mention later on in the post. I’ve also slightly extended the amount of time I’m covering in this weekly. At least you’ll all know I’m still alive. So what’s happened recently in SWTOR (March 9-17)? (There […]

SWTOR Weekly: Sigh..

Hey everyone, So this week in SWTOR (02-08 March) everything got cancelled, everything was preliminary, everything got Sithy and everything…yeah okay, you get the idea. But anyway, here’s what happened this week in SWTOR!   Yes, They Cancelled the Operations Speedrun E-Sport Tournament Musco announced at the beginning of the week […]

Female Gamers and Gender Representation in SWTOR

Hey Everyone, On the latest TOROCast Episode 233, I was a guest on the show, along with Aaree and we talked about female gamer issues and our experiences as female gamers. So I wanted to take the opportunity to elaborate and offer some additional thought’s on this subject. My SWTOR Experience […]